Boletus edulis slices
very clean mushroom, packed in drums of 45kg drained weight

Dried boletus edulis slices, grade D

Specification: Grade A1, Grade A2, Grade B, Grade C and Grade D

Smell: typical of boletus edulis mushrooms

Taste: typical without foreign taste

Color: Grade A1---- white,

Grade A2 -----greyish white,

Grade B------- light yellow

Grade C-------- yellow to brown

Grade D -------dark yellow to ash dark

Moisture: ≤12%

Mould : none

Sand or foreign matters: 0%

Heavy metal:As≤1.0mg/kg



Pesticide : HCH≤0.2mg/kg



acid insoluble ashes: ≤0.5%

Nicotine : ≤2.3mg/kg

Packing: 10kg/carton or per customer’s requirement

Loading: 3.24mt per 20’Fcl

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