Pleurotus ostreatus
very clean mushroom, packed in drums of 45kg drained weight

Dried pleurotus ostreatus Cubes

Specification: 2-4cm, 2-4cm, 3-5cm, 5-8cm, 2-8cm etc.

Drying process: AD not be treated with ionizing or ultraviolet radiation

Smell: typical of pleurotus ostreatus mushrooms

Taste: typical without foreign taste

Color: grey white

Moisture: ≤12%

Mould : none

Sand or foreign matters: 0%

Heavy metal:As≤1.0mg/kg



Pesticide : HCH≤0.2mg/kg



acid insoluble ashes: ≤0.5%


loading: 2.25mt per 20’fcl 4.5mt per 40’ fcl

This is a representative picture to show our dried mushrooms products. Our dried mushrooms mainly include dried suillus Granulauts strips, dried boletus edulis, dried pleurotus ostreatus, dried champignon, dried shiitake, etc.

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